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5 Best Clubs In Las Vegas During COVID-19

5 Best Clubs In Las Vegas During COVID-19

Las Vegas Night Clubs COVID

Which clubs are open in Las Vegas during COVID-19? Sin City Parties is your source for up-to-date information on the club scene in Vegas. We’re here to help you plan around the pandemic so that you can get the most out of your Vegas getaway.

Is Vegas Even Open?

Great news. As of November 2020, most of the casinos on the strip are open. Bars are also reopened with social distancing practices in place. You will be required to wear a mask wherever you go, so remember to come prepared.

COVID-19 protocols are usually the same across the board. If you wear a mask and stay at least 6 ft. away from other people, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Clubbing In Vegas In 2020

A few of the hottest nightclubs have reopened, but with table reservations only. There will typically be a limit to how many people are allowed in your group, commonly capped at 10 individuals per party. If you have a large group traveling to Vegas, you may need to reserve multiple tables.

We can help you out with that. Check out our party packages or contact us for a custom package. Some of the Las Vegas clubs with table reservations available include:

We can set you up with a party package your whole crew will enjoy. We recommend experiencing one of our party bus packages where you can visit multiple clubs in one night. Your whole gang will be chauffeured around in a fun party bus that features a stripper pole, TVs, and party lights. Why not get the party started on the way to the club!

What About The Strip Clubs?

Many of the strip clubs in Las Vegas also remain open but, of course, with social distancing protocols in place. Some of the clubs you’ll be able to visit include:

Reservations are required at all strip clubs, but we can help you out with that too! Don’t worry about calling around to make sure you’ll get in. Our party planners can take care of your reservations and create the perfect itinerary for a great time. Our strip club party packages are the way to go!

Live A Little In Las Vegas

We understand that navigating COVID-19 as a traveler can be difficult. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. At Sin City Parties in Las Vegas, our party planners know which clubs are open and how you can get in and have a great time. Contact us today to get your next party started!